I grew up without ketchup. The size of a loaf of bread was as big as my Epson printer. Growing up in Germany left me with rich memories of flavors. German bread and butter was a meal in itself. There was no glutten free, but glutten freedom.

On Sundays my Tante Emmi would make her fabulous cheesecake-usually just for me. Each bite was so silky smooth and not overly sweet. To this day I have never found a match except I discovered her secret was in the quark cheese. She is no longer with us for me to master this recipe. Those memories were full of flavorful foods.

Eating organic and fresh from the farmers market is a dream. Taste really does matter. The farmers markets are like French perfume, fresh sage next to vivid red tomatoes. I find beauty in most things, places and faces. Experiences alone are enough for me especially when shared.

Practicing yoga for over 20 years. Travel is an enrichment for the soul and feeds the imagination. Coming to my studio is all about the experience and of course we will eat well. I shoot in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City. I love traveling so I will go anywhere. Having trained in those 3 cities for 5 years with pro photographers, what better playground to learn and master my work. 

Awards include: Graphis, Communication Arts, Pro Bono Center, APA, PPA