We Breathe Sport - inspirational stories from the world of Sports, by Duncan Nicholls

“Sport is a spiritual event that can enrich the soul, awakening within us a higher sense of self” - Way of the Champion, Jerry Lynch.

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He’s always on fire! Last month Duncan launched a huge new personal project called We Breathe Sport - which through interviews and his signature style of imagery champions inspiring people from the world of sport and fitness.

The project will feature a new ‘superhuman’ each week, and what’s unique about this campaign is that you’ll see Olympic athletes and world class performers sitting alongside everyday sports and fitness fanatics like Duncan himself. For Duncan, the full power and impact of sport is felt outside the boundaries of it’s arena. It’s not just measured in Gold Medals, Championship Rings or Green Jackets - but in who it inspirers us to be, how it makes us feel and the human connections it creates.


From every sport you can imagine and quite a few you wouldn’t think of, Duncan is curious to join the dots between these stories, and inspire us all to be better versions of ourselves. He’d be thrilled if you joined him for the ride - and you can follow these stories as they unfold both on the Instagram page and website too.

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Richard Mard Dobson - Should I Be A Jack Of All Trades?

Wikipedia defines of "Jack of all trades, master of none" as such: a figure if speech used in reference to a person who has dabbled in many skills, rather than gaining expertise by focusing on one.   

The shortened version "a jack of all trades" is often a compliment for a person who is good at fixing things, and has a very good broad knowledge.


Food for thought, all of the above. And I have pondered this question for many years. As a professional photographer, I have tussled with the notion that, maybe, just maybe I should focus wholly on one genre or aspect of this wonderfully absorbing past time we call photography. But every time, eclecticism and a multidisciplinary interests win out.

You see I'm infatuated with the adrenaline-inducing world of photojournalism. I've always loved the thrill of chasing down a story or a moment that might be construed as the summation of all the events of that particular day.  I love shooting ad campaigns, the thrill of interpreting an art director's pen and ink schematic and turning that into a fully realized, beautifully-executed photograph. 

So too, I love pointing my cameras at the construct of a beautiful hotel or cruise ship. Likewise, I find the renewable energy industry to be something worth believing in. The planet and humanity does need more renewables. Every time I stand before a giant wind turbine, I feel in awe of its Goliath presence. 

I’m also a great believer in the sanctity of art, and I like to produce photographic work that could be classed as such.  Hence I dabble in abstract work, and street photography projects that are in essence explorations into existential and dystopian themes.  Human portraiture most probably can be considered the highest photographic art form. And while historically, artists have used oils and marble to capture human likeness and character, I use my camera. 

I revel in covering diverse specialty areas.  Most people would call that madness. And there are days when I think it is too. But I persevere. Afterall, a week has seven days in it; why not dedicate a few of them to different areas of my many interests?

My week begins and ends with Aeronautica, and my focus is all things hospitality, luxury and renewables.  I keep it all clean and green. High key is the name of the game; my clients visit my website and feel happy, bright and cheerful.

Over the course of the week, I make time for my personal projects: my personal and editorial work, as I chase down my National Geographic dreams.  I reach out to curators, galleries. I read about art, I research art projects. I savor the hours I spend on my personal fine art projects.

I also enjoy connecting with potential buyers (including interior designers, private clients, established businesses.)  I find that everyone everywhere is looking for something fabulous for their walls.  And my sweet tooth for is satisfied through my fun, engaging Pop Art portraits, feel free to message me. 

 Right.  Now, back to the question. Jack of all trades master of none? Jack of all trades master of many? Mad? Yes! One of these days I might whittle all of this down to just one! But for now I’m having a lot of fun running with them all.


Wayde van Niekerk for Adidas - shot by Duncan Nicholls

In May, Duncan Nicholls had the privilege of photographing World & Olympic 400m champion (and World Record holder) Wayde Van Niekerk for Adidas.   With both of them being life long Liverpool FC football fans, they clicked straight away. 

Showcasing Duncan's signature intensity yet intimacy with his athlete portraits, here's the opening shot from that series.    


Wayde van Niekerk

DUNCAN NICHOLLS - New Sports work, and collaboration with Happy Finish

Duncan Nicholls recently created a striking new series of sports and dynamic movement stills and video - and below are a couple of frames from those shoots.

This series also saw a collaboration with retoucher Kieran Clancy from Happy Finish in London.

Athlete Sarah Smith

MMA Fighter Lorena Andrea

Athlete Kirby Akindeinde

New Jazz Music Missy Myers

John Tomick writes a heck of a song.  The kind of song that sneaks up and lingers in your thoughts.  I guess it's from all Tomick's years in Advertising and Marketing. SO, when he asked us (The Carl Noble Trio) to record it for him, Dan Delorenzo - bass, Carl Noble - piano and myself - vocals, happily headed into Steve Yates's studio, and in two takes, got this beauty ...  You can hear The Carl Noble Trio play Latin and Swing classics every Wednesday night at Del Rio's, Chicago's oldest Italian Restaurant.  - It's quite a party!  And Del Rio's Opera Night tickets are available now. If you don't know about Opera Night, google it, and get your reservations right away.  It sells out fast.          

Joe Pellegrini - Painting

Along with Frank Ishman, I have a piece in the Off The Street Club auction.

Check it out alone with a bunch of other great pieces of art.