We Breathe Sport - inspirational stories from the world of Sports, by Duncan Nicholls

“Sport is a spiritual event that can enrich the soul, awakening within us a higher sense of self” - Way of the Champion, Jerry Lynch.

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He’s always on fire! Last month Duncan launched a huge new personal project called We Breathe Sport - which through interviews and his signature style of imagery champions inspiring people from the world of sport and fitness.

The project will feature a new ‘superhuman’ each week, and what’s unique about this campaign is that you’ll see Olympic athletes and world class performers sitting alongside everyday sports and fitness fanatics like Duncan himself. For Duncan, the full power and impact of sport is felt outside the boundaries of it’s arena. It’s not just measured in Gold Medals, Championship Rings or Green Jackets - but in who it inspirers us to be, how it makes us feel and the human connections it creates.


From every sport you can imagine and quite a few you wouldn’t think of, Duncan is curious to join the dots between these stories, and inspire us all to be better versions of ourselves. He’d be thrilled if you joined him for the ride - and you can follow these stories as they unfold both on the Instagram page and website too.

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