Those with the dedication to reach the summit of their craft inspire Duncan greatly.  This curiosity is a big part of Duncan's love for sports photography, and why the aesthetic of his work often contains such passion and strength. 

Dividing his time between London and the US, Duncan's clients include Nike, New Balance, The North Face, NFL, Adidas, Speedo, Lacoste, Renault, Samsung, Virgin Media and Men's Health. 

He loves to shoot close in, immersing the viewer in the emotions of the scene - or step way back and use negative space and dynamic lines to craft a narrative through his work.  With his landscapes, Duncan is instinctively drawn to create images with a sense of stillness, space and possibility.

Utilizing his creativity to help others is hugely important to Duncan, and this year he started the Our Vision Project for creatives to help tackle avoidable blindness around the world.  At just the beginning, the project has raised enough funds for operations to restore the sight for 59 people whose blindness is curable.